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September 4, 2017
Customer: R.S..
Location: Westford, MA

Service: 8 large trees removed from behind our house. Great job, showed up on time, top notch equipment, safety conscious, efficient, professional, friendly, and they left the yard cleaner than it was before they showed up. Just can't say enough good things about Chuck and his crew.

Details: Returning customer. Smooth job. Could not have gone better and they were fast.

Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Absolutely would recommend Chuck and his crew. They are a crew of extremely hard workers and they do a fantastic job.
July 22, 2017
Customer: J.W..
Location: Dracut, MA

Service: We have a very large Mulberry Tree next to our shed and fence. The trunk was split and we were afraid it would fall on our home. We also had a tall dead Elm tree that we wanted cut down in the back of our yard.

Details: Eric, Eric and Tony showed up right on time and went right to work cutting down the Mulberry Tree. They were exceptional at their jobs, they all worked so well together and were very professional. There was absolutely no damage to any of our property and we were amazed how well it went. Then they went and dropped the Elm tree with one swift cut and it landed perfectly in our back yard.

Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: We had received three quotes on the job and they were by far the most reasonable. We would definitely call them back with any other work we might need done. We highly recommend this company for their expertise.
November 19, 2015
Customer: M.B.
Location: Tewksbury, MA

Service: Dear Chuck & Entire Team,
You came to our new Flip Home today. We couldn't be more pleased with all the extremely dedicated hard work that was performed like clock work. I will be looking out my window tomorrow a.m. to observe the Chuck's Tree Service. Now, I know our neighbors are envious.

Details: Cut down 8 Huge Trees. Ash, Maple, & Pine that were totally dead. Also, pruned the limbs of 20 trees. The entire crew were extremely knowledgable and performed their jobs as a TEAM. Each and every gentleman were and will continue to be a 100% asset to Chuck's Tree Service.

My husband and I ( me, a tough cookie to please) was left semi-speechless. In today's market the majority of companies could care less. Not Chuck's Tree Service. They put their Hearts & Souls into pleasing their customers'. Thanks again.

Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Yes, yes, yes....I would purchase STOCK in Chuck's Tree Service.
July 30, 2015
Customer: A.D.
Service: I called Chuck's to help remove a big old maple tree at my house. Because of the tree's location, removing it was not going to be easy, but Eric came and after taking into consideration where the tree was, the size and, what it will take to get it done, he wrote me an estimate. They came two to three weeks later, did the job very well, cleaned the area and left.
Details: The whole thing went very well. They have with them all the right tools and people to do the job. What I like most about Chuck's is their desire to do a good job, the pride they showed in doing the job well and on time. But most of all, they went to all the houses next to me, and let them know what they will be doing, when it will be done and how long it would take. The estimate cost was what I paid at the end. They are great and honest with no shortcuts. Thanks for a job well done.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Yes, because they show so much pride in the job they do, and the workers look happy doing the work, which tells me that they are treated well by the boss and after almost 20 years of customer service I can tell.
April 8, 2015
Customer: J.R.
Location: Wilmington, MA
Service: Chuck took down 6 trees including 4 huge pines and 2 oak trees. In addition, he trimmed two other trees; one over the house and the other over my power lines.
Details: Chuck was professional, courteous, and was immaculate with the entire process. His crew was on time and worked efficiently. Chuck is a fair and honest guy and customer service oriented. I would use him again in a second. He is coming back to grind my stumps and his prices are more than fair for quality of work. I researched a lot of tree companies before choosing Chucks and I felt most comfortable going with him because he was thorough in his assessment of the work and explained everything. All I can say is top notch and excellent experience. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Absolutely, no question!
September 22, 2014
Customer: A.R.
Location: Wilmington, MA
Service: I had 8 small stumps ground, varying from 8-12" in diameter.
Details: Everything was perfect, John came to give me a quote and happened to have his equipment with him. He gave me the quote and was able to perform the job on the spot. He was a very nice guy and I could tell he was honest and eager to please. I had gotten a quote from another tree service that I though was high, and Chuck's price was half the cost of the other estimate. The work was done extremely quickly with minimal clean-up at the end.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Absolutely, based on my experience, everything was perfect.
May 8, 2014
Customer: F.R.
Location: Lowell, MA
Service: Removing 2 trees from a very small backyard in the city. One tree was into the overhead power lines.
Details: Great service. Called for an estimate on a Friday and they came to the house on a Sunday, looked at the job, and left us an estimate which was very reasonable for the work we needed done. Called to accept the estimate and they said that the next time they were scheduled in our area we would be on the list. About a week later, I received a call that they would be there the next morning. The truck arrived that morning, they went to work, took down both trees, cleaned up and were done in no time. Couldn't have asked for better service.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Certainly would recommend Chuck's Tree Service because they respond to your request for an estimate quickly and the job is scheduled and completed promptly.
October 11, 2013
Customer: E.T.
Location: Lowell, MA
Service: Two very large maple trees and one smaller tree removed.
Details: I had 2 extremely large maple trees, one in my front yard and the other in my back yard, living in the city this was not an easy job, especially trying to get to the one in my back yard that had to have the bucket tree go into my neighbors yard on another street. Chuck and his crew were there first thing in the morning and by the time I got home at 5pm, the trees were down and my yard all cleaned up. My neighbors were happy the trees were down but were impressed with the professionalism of Chuck and his crew.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: I found Chuck to be professional and reasonable in his pricing and very easy to talk to, he wasn't just there to do a job. He explained everything he was going to do and why it needed to be done.
July 25, 2013
Customer: M.C.
Location: Wilmington, MA
Service: Tree Removal: We had about 12 large trees removed from our backyard, close to our pool.
Details: Everything went great! Chuck was quick to respond and give an estimate. On the day of the job he and his crew were on time and worked very efficiently. He had a huge crane that can reach almost anything, and he and his team worked very well together. Very impressed with their work!
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Yes! They are professional, skilled, and efficient!
June 22, 2013
Customer: E.W.
Location: Dracut, MA
Service: Removal of large 100-yr. old oak behind house on an inaccessible lot, four foot retaining walls around perimeter, "fenced-in" by power lines on all sides.
Details: They did an amazing job. I had been attempting to remove this difficult-to-reach hazardous tree for a few years. The crew showed up and got to work right away. Chuck was clearly eager to complete the job and very professional throughout. His skill, as well as that of his crew, was the talk of the neighborhood for a couple days. I was very impressed with the ability of the climbers/crane operator, and the crew on the ground receiving each limb. All of them were 100% behind Chuck's leadership, and Chuck was clearly backing them up with their efforts. A great team. Clean-up and post-job work was excellent. It actually took me a little while to absorb what I had witnessed. Once I learned what should have been possible, and what they accomplished... well, for hazardous tree removal.... there simply can't be any substitute. Equipment makers design things with this crew in mind.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Yes. Professional, skilled, and very motivated.
June 11, 2013
Customer: M.L.
Location: Chelmsford, MA
Service: One large oak and 7 small trees removed from backyard
Details: They arrived with the whole crew and several vehicles. Chuck has a beautiful crane that can reach just about any where you'd need. The bucket truck, hauling trucks, chipper and crew were all well equipped to tackle any thing you could ask. The job was done safely, swiftly and the site was cleaner when they left than before they arrived.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: The job was done first class. Efficient, knowledgeable, timely, clean, and reasonable prices would describe Chuck"s Tree Service . I would definitely recommend this company.
March 14, 2013
Customer: C.P.
Location: Lawrence, MA
Service: Tree removal
Details: A fallen tree on my house was removed, as well as the tree next to it to keep it from falling victim to the same fate (60'+ Hemlock trees). (Everything went) phenomenally well! I left that morning to do a job, and upon my return home the trees were gone and there was no sign of this having happened in the street, my driveway or the backyard!
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: Yes!!! He returned phone calls, and did what he said he would do, in the time frame quoted! Two other neighbors were so impressed they're going to have him work on their properties! And his prices are quite reasonable!
March 29, 2012
Customer: Cheryl
Location: Chelmsford, MA
Service: Tree removal and stump grinding.

Details: Chuck's crew showed up on time and ready to go. My neighbor watched as they removed branches from a large tree that was hanging over the wire connected to my house. I was told they took great caution removing the limbs. Not only did they remove many large trees on the side of the house, but also cleared away most of the vines and underbrush for me. Prior to starting the job, I requested they also remove a lilac bush from my back yard. This was not in the original plan but they were flexible and took care of that for me as well. The stump grinding was done soon after the removal.

Rate: Very Satisfied

Recommendation: The employees were prompt and very professional. They did a great job removing several very large trees that were in close proximity to my house, and even took care of a few small extras for me! I could not have been happier with the level of service. I would recommend Chuck's Tree Service to anyone looking for reliability and quality work at a reasonable cost.

February 2, 2012
Customer: Kathy
Location: Billerica, MA
Service: Removal of about 15 trees.
Details: Chuck and his crew removed about 15 large trees from my back yard. Almost all of them were in very close proximity to my pool. I was amazed when I got home from work and discovered that all of the trees were cut down and removed from my property and the only signs of Chuck and his crew being there were the stumps. The entire yard was cleaned up. There was absolutely no debris left behind.
Rate: Very Satisfied
Recommendation: I highly recommend Chuck's Tree Service. They are professional, neat and reasonably priced!







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