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Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

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The use of cranes has become increasingly more common in the tree removal industry. Cranes are effective because they allow us to work on trees that may be inaccessible with other traditional pieces of equipment such as a bucket truck. In addition, cranes give us the ability to work on larger trees, while increasing climber safety and decreasing the impact on your lawn and the area surrounding the area.

A yellow crane lifting a portion of a large cut tree high into the air over a two story grey home


Reach New Heights in Tree Removal with Our Crane-Assisted Precision Services

Crane-assisted tree removal services are ideal for trees that are in hard-to-reach or confined spaces, or those that pose a risk to property or people. This method of tree removal involves the use of a crane to lift and remove sections of the tree in a controlled manner, ensuring that the tree is safely and efficiently removed. The process starts with a consultation with an experienced professional who will assess the tree and determine if crane-assisted removal is the best option.

During the removal process, the crane will be used to carefully lift and remove large sections of the tree in a controlled manner. This allows the technicians to safely and efficiently remove the tree without causing damage to surrounding property or putting people at risk.

A yellow crane lifting a portion of a large cut tree
A yellow crane lifting a portion of a large oak tree

The Benefits of Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

A safer, less invasive way to care for your trees

Safer for the Climber

Cranes allow climbers to remove larger sections at once, which simplifies the tree climbers job and allows them to get back on the ground faster.

Less Impact On Your Property

Cranes allow us to reach trees from a farther distance away which reduces the amount of driving we have to do on your lawn, especially for trees located in back corners of a property.

Increases Access To Hard To Reach Trees

In many scenarios, our cranes can reach trees that would normally be inaccessible with traditional equipment.

Remove Larger Trees

The massive lifting capabilities of our cranes allows us to safely work on and process larger trees.

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