Crane Removals

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Safe & Efficient Tree Removal

Over the last decade, the use of cranes has become increasingly more common in the tree removal industry. Crane’s are effective because they allow our crews to work on trees that may be inaccessible with other traditional pieces of equipment such as a bucket truck. In addition, cranes allow us to remove large sections of the tree at once, which makes our crews safer and more efficient. 

In many cases, using a crane to access a tree alleviates the need to drive across your property with bucket and chip trucks. Due to the machinery involved, tree work can be impactful on your yard. Using cranes, although not perfect, allows us to greatly reduce that impact. Also, because of their ability to lift large sections of trees, working near your home or electrical wires becomes safer and more precise with the help of our cranes and experienced operating engineers.

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All crane service projects start by requesting a free estimate. Once on your property, our trained estimator will assess the machinery that is needed to provide the service you are requesting. At Chuck’s Tree Service, we own our cranes and our crew members work the same machines, and the same licensed operating engineers every day. The day-in and day-out experience of working with these machines makes our crew incredibly knowledgable and safe. In addition to the countless hours working together, every member of our crane crew is equipped with hardhats that house a self-contained communication system. The constant contact between the climber, crane operator, and ground crew keeps the entire crew on the same page, thus increasing safety and efficiency on the job site.


At Chuck’s Tree Service, we believe that cranes are a beneficial piece of machinery in the tree care industry. Our cranes help ur crews work more safely, decrease the impact on your yard, and aid in productivity, which means we’ll be finished and out of your way sooner!

Benefits Of Crane Removal

Safer For Climber

Cranes allow climbers to remove larger sections at once, meaning they spend less time in the tree.

More Efficient

Cranes allow our crews to remove large trees quickly, meaning we’ll be finished and out of your way faster!

Can Overcome Access Issues

In many scenarios, our cranes can reach trees that we would normally be unable to get equipment to.

Less Impactful On Property

In many cases, our cranes can reach trees in your backyard, and lift them to the street to be processed, reducing the impact on your lawn.

Can Remove Larger Trees Easier

In the old days it was an issue removing large logs from a customer’s backyard; however, cranes allow us to more easily remove larger trees, from trickier areas.

Recent Crane Removal Projects
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Yes, using cranes is safer for both the climber and the grounds crew. Our cranes can pick up large sections of trees, can even pick trees up whole in some scenarios. This means that our climbers spend less time in trees, and our grounds crew spends less time roping down large branches. 

Large cranes can weigh a lot, but their long reach often alleviates the need to drive on a customers lawn. Every property and every tree job is unique, and in some instances we do have to drive across a lawn. When that is the case, we have thick polyethylene protective mats that do a great job of protecting lawns.

In many cases, driving a crane across a brand new driveway is a bad idea; however, this does not mean that we can’t do the job. Our estimator can review your property and service needs, and determine the best way to access the trees and do the job.

Get The Process Started By Requesting A Free Estimate

All of our tree removal and trimming jobs start with a free estimate, where we will come to your property and provide a written quote for the work you need done. Click below to learn more about what is involved in receiving an estimate, and to request yours today!