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Lawn & Property Protection

How do we protect your lawn & Property?

Minimizing the landscape damage while providing high-quality tree care services

At Chuck's Tree Service, we take pride in minimizing our impact on our client's properties. We always try to avoid driving our equipment across the lawn whenever possible and only do so when necessary. In such cases, we use thick plastic protective ground mats to minimize any damage to the lawn. These mats act as a cushion between the equipment and the lawn, evenly distributing the weight and minimizing the impact of our equipment on the grass. 

A yellow crane set up in someone's yard with protective mats between the crane and lawn

What it Looks Like

Below is an example of our ground protection mats in use

protective mats on a lawn


If we have to drive across your lawn, our crew can build a temporary road out of thick plastic mats and plywood for our equipment to drive over.

A yellow crane set up in someone's yard with protective mats between the crane and lawn

In Use

The ground protection mats work to displace the weight of the equipment while the job is being performed.

An unmarked lawn


Once the job is completed the mats are removed and your property is left with minimal damage.

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Jason V.
Home Owner - Tewksbury MA
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Excellent service provided. I highly recommend this group for any tree removal needs. They took great care of the lawn and cleaned up the mess afterwards. It's like they were never here. A++

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