Land Clearing

land clearing service overview

Have a lot that needs to be cleared? Looking to expand your lawn? From cranes, log trucks, whole-tree chippers, and excavators, we have the equipment to safely and efficiently remove large quantities of trees from your residential or commercial property. Whether it’s 15 trees or 50 trees, we’re equipped for the job.


Land clearing jobs can be tricky to estimate, and we must know precisely how much land is being cleared, and the trees that are involved. We also must be made aware of any trees that should be saved. In order to accurately price a high-volume removal job, our estimator will walk the property and survey the scope of the property, and the machinery that will be involved. Depending on the scope of the job, we may require property line delineation markers or the tagging of trees by the customer.

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In the vast majority of cases we do not operate on a day rate and will simply provide a project price.

Yes, if you are interested we can simply drop the trees for you and leave them on the ground. Please be aware of the mess that this will make and the work that is involved in disposing of large quantities of wood and debris.  Chainsaws and wood chippers are dangerous, please do not attempt this if you are inexperienced or physically unable to lift heavy things and work for long periods of time.

When it comes to land-clearing the amount of the cleanup can depend. If we are simply cutting down 15 trees in your backyard then our clean up will be exceptional as it always is, but, if we’re clearing an acre lot for you to build a house, then some of the smaller debris will be left behind. 

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