Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup service overview

Northeastern weather can wreak havoc on trees, and even the healthiest of trees can be susceptible to damage. Trees with structural issues can fall year-round, and it doesn’t always take severe weather for a tree to fail. For the past 30 years we have been helping local home and business owners by safely removing trees that have fallen on their homes and property.


While most of the emergency services we perform are during storm season, it is not untypical for trees to fail year-round, and it doesn’t take severe weather to damage a tree with underlying structural stability issues such as rot, bifurcation, or excessive lean.

Reasons Why Trees Structurally Fail:


It is no surprise that strong winds can damage trees, and trees with underlying structural issues are especially susceptible. 

Ice and snow

Ice and snow are very heavy, and large accumulations can cause even healthy branches to break, which can be dangerous if you have large branches over your house.


Soul erosion in the root area can cause stability issues, which can become exposed in severe weather.


Internal rot can cause even healthy looking trees to fall, such as can be seen in the picture to the right. 

Excessive lean

Trees growing at an excessive angle will eventually succumb to gravity. Trees that are leaning towards your house and are within striking distance should be removed as they are a safety concern to you and your family.

Recent Storm Damage Cleanup Projects
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Most home owners insurance policies will cover storm damage, but each policy is different and recommend calling your insurance provider for further information.

If you feel that a tree on your property is danger of falling, please make sure that you are safe, then call us at (978) 851-3717.

Unfortunately, we no longer offers cabling or bracing services. Depending on your service area we may be able to recommend someone.

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