Stump Grinding

stump grinding service overview
Chuck’s Tree Service is equipped to grind even the largest of stumps, whether it is immediately after we remove a tree from your property, or 10 years after. If you are interested in having your stumps ground, simply inform the estimator during the estimate process. If had a tree removed in the past and would like to have your stumps ground, please call (978) 851-3717. 

Stump grinding is the final step of the tree removal process. Technically, it is not immediately necessary and can be completed at a later date but there are many good reasons why you would want to consider stump grinding post tree removal. 

Reasons For Stump Grinding:

Remove potential tripping hazard

Smaller stumps can easily be tripped over, and grinding will remove any tripping hazards from your yard.

Allow for replanting another tree

Looking to replant a tree in the same place? Stump grinding will allow you to space to replant a tree in the same area.

Increase the attractiveness of your property

Large stumps can be unsightly and grinding them will remove eyesores from your yard and increase your properties curb appeal.

Reduce the presence of carpenter ant and termites

Carpenter ants and termites can infest stumps. Grinding old stumps will remove a potential food supply and decrease the likelihood of an infestation. 

Recent Stump Grinding Projects:

No, stump grinding is an additional cost.

Usually we grind stumps 2-5 business days after your tree has been removed.

No, we currently do not remove the mulch that is left behind from the stump grinding process.

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