Tree Trimming

tree trimming service overview

In order to thrive and stay healthy and safe, large trees will require occasional maintenance in the form of trimming. As trees get bigger, they may begin growing over your house or electrical wires, and it is advantageous to trim branches away from your home or wires before they become an issue. Additionally, as trees age, certain branches will begin to die. This happens for a variety of reasons but commonly it is because of bugs, disease, or lack of light. Trimming these dead branches will lessen the chance of any diseases spreading and potential bug infestations. 

As a homeowner, it is important to understand the technical expertise and the equipment that is required to safely trim trees. We recommend that you always hire a professional who understands how to properly trim trees to ensure their continued health, and also has the equipment required to safely access your tree’s canopy. For the sake of your safety, family, and property, we strongly recommend resisting the allure of renting an aerial lift and trying to be a tree guy for a day. 

Tree Trimming Details

Trimming or pruning is a term that can mean different things, and it is important to consider what you are trying to accomplish by trimming your trees. At Chuck’s Tree Service, most of our trimming revolves around utility or safety trimming for large trees. We do not provide aesthetic shaping or pruning of ornamental trees or bushes.


Deadwood Trimming

Pruning dead branches from your trees will make your trees more aesthetically pleasing, while also making them safer and healthier

Trimming Over Service Wires

Pruning branches that are growing into or over service wires will increase safety and reduces the likelihood of a broken branch causing an electrical issue

Elevation Trimming

Removing the lowest branches on a tree will provide clearance and make the tree more aesthetically pleasing

Trimming Away From Roofs & Houses

Trimming away from your roof or house will increase curb appeal and safety, and reduce the likelihood of squirrels or chipmunks damaging your home

General Safety Trimming

Trimming or removing branches specifically to increase the safety of your property

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